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US Gold Coins Versus Foreign Gold Coins

By Francis Dao

US gold coins and foreign gold coins are both made of the same material. But which coins are better? It all depends on what you are looking for. Despite the fact that foreign and US gold coins are both made of the same material, they are not all the same. If we take a closer look, we will realize that not all that glitters is gold.

There are many different types of these yellow coins out there because nearly every country mints their own. But not all of them are.9999% pure. So the selling price of these yellow coins usually depend on the current value of gold spot and the coin’s purity. So when I buy these precious metal coins, I like to buy coins that are.9999% pure. This pushes me to the Canadian Maple Leaves and the Chinese Pandas. Their coins are among the purest minted today. Its usually cheaper anyways (on a cost per ounce of.9999% gold).

The US gold coins remains one of the least pure compared to the rest of the world. They are only.900% pure. But despite this fact, they remain the costliest coins out there (on a cost per ounce of.9999% gold). So if you are looking for just bullion, US coins are not for you. The US has since switched to.9999% pure gold. But because of that, the cost per.9999% ounce of these US coin has risen to an all time high.

If you want investment coins, you should never buy Gold Eagles in grades of MS68 or lower. They do not go up in value (that is unless if it’s a rare date), but can actually cost you more money because of the slab. Not only that, but it’s not even.9999% pure. So in this situation, I would rather buy a.9999% foreign coin instead of an MS68 Gold Eagle. To invest in Gold Eagles, you should buy them in MS69′s/PR69′s and MS70′s/PR70′s. You should never buy them in grades lower then that. I personally prefer the MS70/PR70 grades because they offer stronger returns.

From a serious investment standpoint, no foreign gold coins would ever compare to rare US gold coins. It wouldn’t matter if it was a.9999% gold or graded an MS70/PR70 from PCGS. The ultimate investment is rare US gold coins graded by PCGS and NGC. Despite the fact that they are only.900% pure gold, the US coins have the strongest returns compared to all other precious metal coins in the world. If you want to invest in bullion, any.9999% coin will do. But if you want to seriously invest in precious metal coins, I would suggest you invest in rare US gold coins.

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